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Arbel Institute: Supporting Our Children's Future in Times of Crisis

Updated: Jun 17

Supporting Our Children's Future in Times of Crisis

In an era marked by escalating national challenges and emotional trauma, the recent birth of Toby, Yossi Landau's 23rd grandchild, underscores the critical importance of nurturing and protecting our youngest and most vulnerable.

Yossi Landau, a revered figure as the Head of Operations for the Southern Command of ZAKA in Israel, has long been at the forefront of crisis response.

The joyful occasion of welcoming Toby into the world is shadowed by the realization that children like her are born into times of considerable distress. In this light, the partnership between the Israel Magen Fund of Canada and the Arbel Institute becomes particularly poignant. Their collaboration aims to deliver immediate and professional mental health interventions, a beacon of hope and resilience, ensuring that children like Toby can grow up in a supportive environment equipped to handle the challenges of their era.

This initiative is a response to a growing need and a tribute to the profound legacy of service exemplified by Toby's grandfather, Yossi Landau.

The Arbel Institute's Multidisciplinary Response to Trauma in Israel

The Arbel Institute is playing a pivotal role in addressing the surge in mental health needs in Israel, prompted by recent national traumas.

The Institute provides immediate, professional mental health interventions to tackle the widespread effects of trauma, affecting children, adults, and soldiers, with a significant number reporting PTSD, anxiety, and distress.

The Institute's over 80 multidisciplinary professionals, including psychologists and psychiatrists, deliver comprehensive psychological services and training. Their initiatives range from community support programs and emergency training conventions to direct emergency response and educational interventions.

These efforts are designed to equip communities with the skills to handle trauma, foster long-term resilience, and prevent further mental health crises, ensuring a stronger, healthier future for all affected individuals.

Trauma is not child's play

By providing strategic training and support, the Arbel Institute is creating a foundation of strength and recovery, ensuring that children and communities can thrive despite adversity.


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