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Empowering Life and Honor: The ZAKA Rescue Vehicle Fundraising Drive

Updated: Mar 13

Support ZAKA to save and honor lives with your donation. Help us acquire essential rescue vehicles to respond to crises effectively.

A beacon of hope and unwavering courage exists in the heart of crisis and catastrophe.

ZAKA - the distinguished Search and Rescue Organization grounded in the solemn duty of saving lives and honoring the departed with dignity, finds itself at a crucial juncture. Our fleet, aged and overburdened, struggles under the weight of its noble task. Today, we reach out to our community with a heartfelt plea for assistance securing modern vehicles ready to save and protect more lives.

Our Critical Need:

  • 7 WD4 Rescue Vehicles for prompt evacuations

  • 17 Fully-Equipped Ambulances specifically outfitted for evacuating bodies and remains of victims, as well as saving lives and to deliver urgent medical care

  • 25 Rapid Response Motorcycles to navigate swiftly to those in dire need

The total project cost is $4,449,000 - a figure that reflects the enormity of our task yet symbolizes countless lives waiting to be saved.

Please, let's make a difference together. Support ZAKA today!

Support the ZAKA Vehicle Fund Save Lives, Honor Souls

In a monumental step forward, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with the Israel Magen Fund of Canada. This alliance amplifies our mission within the Canadian landscape and paves the way for impactful fundraising endeavors to bolster ZAKA's capabilities. The Fund's dedication to our cause marks a promising new chapter in our journey to extend our humanitarian reach both in Israel and globally.


Founded in 1995, ZAKA is Israel's premier non-governmental rescue and recovery organization. Our 3,000-strong volunteer force embodies the essence of selflessness and dedication, responding to crises around the clock. From terror attacks to natural disasters, ZAKA's presence is a testament to humanity's resilience and compassion. Our mission, "To save those who can be saved and honor what remains," is not merely a motto but a sacred commitment to life and respect.

Our volunteers, drawn from diverse backgrounds, embody unity and shared purpose. Their expertise spans across specialized units - from K9 to jet-ski teams - ensuring rapid and professional response across terrains and scenarios. Yet, their spirit of volunteerism, bridging societal divides, genuinely defines ZAKA.

Global Outreach

ZAKA's influence transcends borders. Our International Rescue Unit, recognized by the United Nations, demonstrates our global commitment to humanitarian aid, responding with agility and expertise to international disasters and terror attacks.

The Urgency of Now

In recent months, our volunteers have been pushed to their limits, facing challenges that test our resolve and resources. Our fleet's inadequacy hampers our response and strains our dedicated volunteers, whose mental well-being has been severely impacted by their steadfast commitment to our mission.

As we navigate these challenging times, your support becomes the lifeline for both those we serve and our volunteers who stand ready to respond. Your contribution will empower ZAKA with the necessary vehicles to expand our reach and efficiency, ensuring every call for help is answered.

Your generosity can manifest in various forms, from direct cheques to the Israel Magen Fund of Canada to online donations. Every act of kindness, regardless of size, brings us closer to our goal of saving more lives and honoring the departed with the dignity they deserve.

Your Donation, Their Hope.

Together, we are more than just donors and volunteers; we are a community united by compassion and action. Let us join hands to equip ZAKA with the tools necessary for their lifesaving mission. 

Ways to Support

You can make a difference in several ways:

  1. By Cheque: Please address your cheques to the "Israel Magen Fund of Canada" and mail them to our office at: 41 Alvin Ave, Toronto, ON, M4T 2A7, Canada

  2. Via eTransfer: This method is quick, simple, and incurs no fees. To send an eTransfer, please use as the recipient email.

  3. Online Donation with Credit Card: Conveniently donate online using your credit card on our website. It’s secure and efficient and enables immediate support for our cause. Donate online now:

Your donation is a gift and a beacon of hope in the darkest times.


Your donation supports crucial services, medical care, and crisis relief, significantly impacting lives globally.

Join Us in Making a World of Difference

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