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Healing the Invisible Wounds: The Arbel Institute's Multidisciplinary Response to Trauma in Israel

Updated: Apr 25

The Arbel Institute's Multidisciplinary Response to Trauma in Israel

In the wake of unprecedented national trauma following the recent conflicts, the demand for mental health services in Israel has surged dramatically.

Recognizing the escalating need, the Israel Magen Fund of Canada has partnered with the Arbel Institute to deliver immediate and professional mental health interventions. This crucial collaboration aims to mitigate the mental health crises afflicting children and communities across Israel.

As a result of the war, 8% to 20% of all children, men, women, and soldiers in Israeli society will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Since October 7, the ramifications of trauma have included:

  • 61% of children reported significant distress experiences.

  • 45% of adults in Israel report anxiety disorders.

  • A 30% increase in requests for help following sexual abuse.

Source: Association for Child Protection, December 2023.

Support the Arbel Institute

The Arbel Institute, renowned for its comprehensive psychological services, deploys a robust team of over 80 multi-disciplinary professionals, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and academic researchers. Together, they address the complex mental health challenges emerging from the traumatic experiences of war and displacement that have impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals.

This partnership focuses on several key initiatives:

  1. Community and Institutional Support: Through tailored training courses, the program equips community, education, and emergency teams with the necessary tools to handle trauma effectively. These initiatives ensure that those on the front lines are prepared to provide essential support and intervention.

  2. Regional and Emergency Training Conventions: These conventions bring together leaders and experts to share knowledge and strategies for managing psychological trauma, reaching at least 500 participants annually.

  3. Direct Emergency Response: The program offers immediate intervention in acute situations, such as instances of sexual abuse or suicide, through 65 emergency sessions designed for rapid deployment.

  4. Municipal Accompaniment and School Programs: In collaboration with local education departments, the project includes comprehensive training for coping with trauma in schools, creating a resilient educational environment supporting students and faculty.

These concerted efforts are designed not just to respond to immediate needs but to foster long-term resilience and prevent the escalation of mental health crises. 

Trauma is not child's play

By providing strategic training and support, the Arbel Institute is creating a foundation of strength and recovery, ensuring that children and communities can thrive despite adversity.

Ways to Support

You can make a difference in several ways:

  1. By Cheque: Please address your cheques to the "Israel Magen Fund of Canada" and mail them to our office at: 41 Alvin Ave, Toronto, ON, M4T 2A7, Canada

  2. Via eTransfer: This method is quick, simple, and incurs no fees. To send an eTransfer, please use as the recipient email.

  3. Online Donation with Credit Card: Conveniently donate online using your credit card on our website. It's secure and efficient and enables immediate support for our cause.  Donate online now:

Your donation is a gift and a beacon of hope in the darkest times.


Your donation supports crucial services, medical care, and crisis relief, significantly impacting lives globally.

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