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Is an All-Out War Between Israel and Hezbollah Inevitable?

Updated: Jun 17

Is an All-Out War Between Israel and Hezbollah Inevitable?
The aftermath of an Israeli air strike on the south Lebanon village of Aita al Shaab. (Kawnat HAJU)

Israeli leaders have ramped up warnings to Lebanon's Hezbollah movement as cross-border violence escalates, yet experts believe that the risk of a full-scale war remains limited. Hezbollah, backing Hamas in its ongoing conflict with Israel, has intensified its use of drones and anti-aircraft missiles, causing significant damage in northern Israel. Despite this escalation, Hezbollah has refrained from striking deep into Israel, suggesting a strategic restraint. Israel, in turn, has increased its attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon, leading to significant casualties on both sides.

May 2024 saw the highest level of Hezbollah attacks against Israel since October 2023. During this month, Hezbollah launched 325 attacks, averaging 10 per day. In comparison, April 2024 had 238 attacks, with a daily average of 7.8.

Monthly Review of Events - Israel Northern Arena (May 2024)

Monthly Review of Events - Israel Northern Arena (May 2024)
Source: Alma, Dana Polak Kanarik. June 2024

Bellicose declarations from Israeli leaders have raised concerns, with Prime Minister Netanyahu asserting Israel's preparedness for a major operation on the northern border. Despite such rhetoric, Hezbollah's deputy chief has stated that they do not seek a total war but are ready if it becomes unavoidable. International leaders, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, have called for restraint to prevent further regional escalation. These statements highlight the precarious balance both sides try to maintain to avoid a more significant conflict.

Analysts like Michael Young from the Carnegie Center for the Middle East believe that both Israel and Hezbollah are engaging in "controlled escalation," aiming for negotiations rather than all-out war. As the conflict in Gaza winds down, both sides are preparing for potential talks regarding the Israeli-Lebanese border. This preparation has increased tensions, with each side attempting to strengthen their position before negotiations. Despite the heated rhetoric and ongoing violence, a war with Hezbollah remains a risky proposition for Israel, with historical precedents showing the devastating consequences such a conflict could bring.

With information from Acil Tabbara from Yahoo News.

Support Ziv Medical Center Amidst Rising Israel-Hezbollah Tensions

Support Ziv Medical Center in Tsfat Amidst Rising Tensions

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In the summer of 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, Ziv was struck by Katyusha missiles. Despite this, it was the main hospital in the north, treating the most casualties—about 1,500 people, including 700 civilians and 800 soldiers. - Jewish Medical Association UK

Ziv Medical Center has recently been designated as a Level 1 Trauma Center by the Israeli Government, playing a pivotal role in providing critical care during times of crisis. The recently added Neuro and Thoracic Surgery Departments are vital to its trauma response capabilities. However, they urgently need upgraded equipment to treat injuries resulting from conflicts or emergencies. With the looming possibility of escalating tensions, the need for preparedness at this hospital has never been more crucial.

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