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Hundreds of Children Fled the Orphanage in Ukraine

Updated: Feb 21

Hundreds of Children Fled the Orphanage in Ukraine

We provide essential care and necessities to these children as they become part of Israeli society.

Pesach Campaign

The children from the Zhytomyr orphanage in Ukraine experienced an unforgettable seder night. They escaped the war just hours after it started and found safety. The Israel Magen Fund organized a beautiful seder, providing plentiful meals with matza, meat, chicken, and wine for seven days, ensuring these special children were well cared for.

Clothing and Toy Distributions

The Israel Magen Fund is dedicated to making these children feel loved and cared for. We supply them with essential items like clothing and shoes and also distribute toys and games to bring them joy.

School Supplies

The IMF gifts the children new school bags, supplies, and books, supporting their success and integration into Israeli society. However, there are still orphaned children who haven't received their supplies. Please consider supporting our urgent project!

More Orphaned Children Need School Supplies

Seeing their delight and excitement as they started this new chapter with all the necessary school supplies was incredibly heartwarming.

Your Donation, Their Hope.

Different ways to help:

Direct checks to Israel Magen Fund of Canada, sent by mail to 41 Alvin Ave, Toronto, ON M4T 2A7, or via eTransfer.

An eTransfer is fast, free, and easy to do. Use as the contact email.

Or donate online now:


Your donation supports crucial services, medical care, and crisis relief, significantly impacting lives globally.

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